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Meet the IRIS Program

The IRIS (Immediate Recognition Increases Safety) Program works on the premise that immediate recognition of one’s disability and need for special considerations helps First Responders act in an appropriate manner more quickly while providing a source specifically designed to hold medical, demographic and behavioral information necessary to help in an emergency.

Who we are

IRIS is a program created and run by the 501c3 non-profit Autism FYI Org. It is dedicated to the safety of those on the Autism Spectrum and those with Neurologic or Brain Disorders. This includes those with Alzheimer’s, Ataxia, ALS, Stroke, MS, Intellectual Development Disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, Brain Injury, PTSD and others

How it works

To sign up with IRIS, you will need to create a login and password. This can be done by the guardian, parent or adult with a disability. An email with login and password will be sent promptly. You can then login and sign up. More than one dependent can be added to the account if there is more than 1 dependent with a disability.


Listed on are products that carry either the alert logo with puzzle piece inside indicating Autism, or alert logo with brain in hands indicating neurologic disorders. The member number can be added to most of the products, and member information housed on the site can be placed on the USB products.


For those with Disabilities

AFYI understands the need for training about Autism of First Responders, physicians, hospitals, urgent care centers, nurses, lawyers, judges, parole workers, as well as business owners and community workers. Just as important is the need for training of those on the Autism Spectrum and others with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities about safety and what First Responders require of them. That is why we have developed Free training programs and resources to help teach each about the other’s needs and the meaning of their words and actions. This website is dedicated to that training. Please check out the resources, videos and training site for First Responders. We will be adding more training programs as they are developed.

Online-Two training programs

Online-Two training programs for first responders are currently available online for free. is hosting our trainings so that all law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMS, School Resource Officers, and Search and Rescue can learn about safely interacting with those with Autism. One is a 15 minute narrated powerpoint and the other is a 2 hour training with test.


In-person training is also available as well as trainer to trainer. Arrangements can be made for training by calling 301-367-1042. But not just first responders need training. Teachers, nurses, doctors, waiters and waitresses, clerks at the store, hairdressers, barbers, bank tellers, and transportation staff all should be aware of how to effectively and safely interact with those on the Autism Spectrum. Those businesses receiving training will be given a decal indicating they are autism friendly.,


Autism FYI’s safety program IRIS is an IBCCES Certified Autism Resource



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