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The IRIS (Immediate Recognition Increases Safety) Program was established to help assist those on the Autism Spectrum in case of an emergency or interaction with law enforcement or emergency responders. From children to adults, individuals on the autism spectrum need special considerations and sometimes an advocate, when no one is around that understands them. This IRIS Program combines access to that helpful information as well as utilization of an ID with a logo that lets anyone who sees it know that this person is on the Autism Spectrum and in need of special considerations. A phone number located under the logo, can be contacted, and information provided by the person or their guardian or parent at the time of registration, can be provided to the inquirer. They must have the person’s ID number, located on the front of the card, for information to be accessible.



IRIS Responsiblitiy

All information provided at the time of registration is voluntary and therefore the IRIS Program is not held responsible for any information given out, in case of emergency. The IRIS (Immediate Recognition Increases Safety) Hotline Operator will not only provide the inquiring emergency responder with the necessary information but will also attempt to contact those on the registrant’s emergency contact list. The more information provided at the time of registration, the more the operator can help in an emergency. Also, as the public recognizes the logo, it will provide them with the same knowledge that special considerations may be needed when interacting with this person. When registering, a login and password is created so that only you can change the information provided. We recommend you check this information frequently so that any change in health conditions, medications, behavioral triggers and strategies can be kept up to date.

Please Note

A record of the inquiring person, date and time called and the time the IRIS Program was able to contact the emergency contact, will be kept. This can be helpful in determining where protocols should be updated or enhanced for safety. Should you change your mind about registering, you need only submit an email.

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Facility Name:The IRIS (Immediate Recognition Increases Safety) Program
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Onsite Contact Phone: 1-301-367-1042
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