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Products made to make keeping your loved one safe.

Products made to make keeping your loved one safe.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as wishing you had done something or had something or made something to prevent a crisis. that is how Joyce and Dr. Benjamin felt when they created the IRIS program. Check out the products available to help give First Responders recognition in seconds that your child,  grandchild,  parent or sibling has challenges and needs special considerations.

You can find decals for your car to let anyone who stops to help in an accident know immediately that someone in the car may have Autism or a Neurologic disorder. If the driver becomes nonverbal it can give them information about the hotline and safety program membership of someone in the car. Seat belt covers can provide the information of which passenger is the member. A decal for the front door lets officers,  EMS or Firefighters know that someone at this house might be nonverbal or not respond to them if they call out. There are USB bracelets that have an indicator logo on it and the members ID # and hotline number on the band. Their information including 3 emergency contacts, address, and challenges is available when plugged into a computer. If the member cannot tolerate the bracelet, other products can be helpful like patches, spandex sleeves, Terry-cloth wristbands with logo and hotline  number and the member’s ID number inside. Baseball caps can serve as quick recognition for police to recognize they could be wandering, especially for someone with Dementia or Neurologic Disorder. Backpacks with a logo is also available to help identify someone is special needs when on a field trip or outing. Please check out the store to see if any of the products can help your loved one.

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